Is your copier secure?

By travis / November 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Is your copier secure?

Colorado Springs, make sure your data is safe! If your office deals with information that needs to be secure you have probably thought through network security. So your computers are safe, but are your copiers? Sometimes they get overlooked, and if you have clients to protect you can’t afford to have an unsecured copier. Consider…

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Are you putting your employees in danger?

By travis / October 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Are you putting your employees in danger?

Colorado Springs keep your employees safe! You may have heard of the term VOC and not know what it is. If you don’t know, then you probably don’t know that your copier is capable of producing them. VOC stands for

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Have you thought about used copiers?

By travis / September 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Have you thought about used copiers?

We have you covered for used copiers in Colorado Springs In addition to our new copiers, we also have used copiers here in Colorado Springs. You may be a young startup that just needs a machine to get going, or you may need something for short term use and you don’t want to buy a…

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Used copiers in Colorado Springs

By travis / August 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Used copiers in Colorado Springs

We have used copiers for Colorado Springs As the economy tightens we’ve found that more and more businesses are looking at creative ways to print and copy. Used copiers are an excellent way to achieve this. Are you a startup with tight funds? Do you need a copier for a short enough time that renting…

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Copier data security

By travis / July 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Copier data security

Colorado Springs, are you copiers secure? If you deal with sensitive customer information then you’ve likely spent your valuable time and money making sure that you have a safe and secure computer network. There may be a hole in your system though, that being you copier. Did you know: Most copiers built since 2002 have a built…

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Document Mangement – Capture

By travis / July 1, 2012 / Comments Off on Document Mangement – Capture

How are you choosing document management in Colorado Springs? If you have been looking into document management then you have probably heard the term Capture by now. How are you planning to get your physical documents into electronic form? If you are planning on using a copier to do this is you copier compatible with the document…

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Does color copying make a difference?

By travis / June 23, 2012 / Comments Off on Does color copying make a difference?

Contemplating color in Colorado Springs? People have printed in color for years. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and people seem to like it better. Maybe “fun and catchy” don’t do it for you though. Maybe you’re a bottom line person. You want to know if switching to color really means anything. Well you are in luck.…

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Printer or Copier?

By travis / June 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Printer or Copier?

How to make this difficult decision in the Colorado Springs market If you don’t know how everything works, it can be difficult to decide between a color laser printer and a color copier. What we’ve found is that there is a breaking point at about 1000 prints per month. If you will be under this…

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