Coverage and Your Copier in Colorado Springs

Copiers in Colorado Springs: Understanding Coverage Can Save You Cash!

Understanding coverage is something I mentioned in my 5 tips article.   It such an important component of understanding your copier costs.   Copiers in Colorado Springs are the same price they are everywhere else in the country.   However, as a business, school, non-profit, or church you can cut your copier expenses by up to 50% just by taking a look at your average color copy or color print.   Industry averages for most copiers is 20% coverage.   This is a combined total of 5% from each color.

Seeing non-profits and churches waste donated resources on color prints is sad (and frustrating as a copier sales person).   If your prints have a picture that takes up half or more of your page, (depending on the colors and tint), you’re mostly likely using 5 times the toner per copy than you are expecting.   A sample page I saw yesterday at a local church was around 180% coverage!  If you’re buying supplies, the price per print for that copy is $1.08 instead of the $.12 they thought they were really paying!

Depending on your volume and coverage, outsourcing your color prints to a printer may end up saving you a lot of money (most copier reps will NOT tell you this!).   Depending on your specific needs and color usage, a Xerox solid ink MFP with a cost per print plan can bring your color costs down to $.06 a page for any amount of coverage.   It’s an amazing program and one we end up recommending for most church and non-profit copier needs.   Give us a call for a look at your copier in Colorado Springs.   We’ll do a free analysis of your printing/copying needs and give you a detailed soloution to save you from throwing away your cash.