Unlimited Copies at a Fixed Cost?

Is a good idea for businesses in the Colorado Springs area that frequently interact with copier sales representatives to have clear in mind not only what their copier needs are, but also how that translates into a language that their copier sales representative will understand.

One thing that all businesses should have clear in mind is that there is no such thing as a contract that provides for unlimited pages. The price you are paying every single month for paper and for toner is set by copier reps to protect their finances and minimize their exposure. This means that more times than not, the price your business is paying for toner and paper every single month is actually more than what you use. Proof of this can be seen when a business drastically increases the amount of printing they do on a monthly basis. As soon as the amount of printing increases, the monthly rate does too. Like all other businesses, copier reps make contracts that are designed to protect their finances and minimize their exposure. Their goal is to make a contract that will allow their customers as a whole to absorb any unknown costs.