A Cost-Per Print Plan Can Lock in Your Savings

Lock in Prices, and Check the Fine Print!

Locking in your prices is almost always a good thing when it comes to copiers in Colorado Springs.   Copiers here, like everywhere, have been producing more and more value in terms of the copier quality and function.   However, consumables (toner, maintenance kits, etc.) are a predictably rising cost.   If you haven’t noticed in your copier lease agreement, most of them include a clause that allows for 5%-15% (generally) rise in your copier price each year.

That can break the bank if you’re a small business or non-profit!   One of the programs we like to promote here in Colorado Springs is the Xerox PagePack program.   It’s an amazing way to lock in savings without having to worry about consumables increasing exponentially on you.   The cost per page is fixed with no coverage limits on select models of their copiers, printers, and MFPs.   I’m often amused when people look at the spreadsheet of what they’ll end up saving on their color costs–its something between disbelief and a little bit of being angry at themselves for having spent so much on color copiers.  Comparing copiers is essential if you’re considering purchasing one; check out our copier comparison tool to see the difference consumables can make over the life of your copier!

If you’re lease is coming up, look closely at the contract and estimate your copier rep is showing you.   If the consumables allowance for price increase unspecified, discretionary, or much over 5%, you will most like get a shock the following year when you look at your monthly bill.   Ask for a detailed quote, and especially ask about the consumables price increase–it will make sure you’re locking in savings instead of getting trapped in a bad contract!   Give us a call for a detailed quote on your copier, color copier, or MFP in Colorado Springs.