Copier Buying Tips

Colorado Springs Copiers for Sale

By Marketing Group / April 18, 2016 / Comments Off on Colorado Springs Copiers for Sale

Has your business grown exponentially over the past year? Is your copier lease nearing its end? Perhaps it is time to consider investing in your own copier. For Colorado Springs Copiers for Sale, consider working with a company with the experience and service that your growing business demands. Our copier sales and leasing business has been in…

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Multifunction Printers

By Marketing Group / April 3, 2016 / Comments Off on Multifunction Printers

Just like most businesses, your office probably uses a copier, scanner, printer and a fax machine. Most of the time, these are all separate machines but what if you could have a machine with all of these features for an affordable price? Many of the top brands are now manufacturing just that- they are called multifunction…

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Should I lease or buy a Copy Machine?

By Marketing Group / March 21, 2016 / Comments Off on Should I lease or buy a Copy Machine?

As a business owner, you have a long list of decisions that you need to make. Not only do you have to have a solid business plan in place, strong employees and an excellent product, you have to decide how your business will be run and what equipment you will outfit your office with. No…

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Tips For Buying Your Colorado Springs Xerox

By copierinfo / January 30, 2015 / Comments Off on Tips For Buying Your Colorado Springs Xerox

Colorado Springs Xerox copiers have experienced a significant amount of technological advancements since its first plain paper copier that was introduced in 1959. Copiers today are a lot like computers. Modern copiers have combined features such as copying, faxing, scanning, and other network-abilities. When deciding what kind of copier your business needs, it is best…

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Consider These Three Tips Before Leasing Your Colorado Springs Xerox

By copierinfo / January 22, 2015 / Comments Off on Consider These Three Tips Before Leasing Your Colorado Springs Xerox

It is not uncommon for copier representatives to use any means necessary to increase their commission and recurring fees. They may employ tactics that give off an unreasonable amount of urgency such as implying things such as, “Overages are not something that you want are they?” They do this after offering you a claim that…

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Your Nationwide Copier – Three Tips to Weigh-In Before Your Purchase

By copierinfo / January 21, 2015 / Comments Off on Your Nationwide Copier – Three Tips to Weigh-In Before Your Purchase

Your Nationwide copier is an asset. It should be a device that consolidates all the functionalities that your organization needs into one device. Ideally, it should be able to fax, scan, copy, and print. If you are like most owners or managers, you are trying to squeeze the most value out of your assets while…

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Printer or Copier?

By pjacob10 / May 20, 2014 / Comments Off on Printer or Copier?

There is a never-ending debate for office managers about whether or not a printer or copier is the better machine for the office. Which one will ultimately save your company the most amount of money? Which one will allow the office to function most easily? Traditionally it has been thought that copiers are cheaper in…

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To Purchase or Lease a Copier in Colorado Springs

By Marketing Group / May 5, 2013 / Comments Off on To Purchase or Lease a Copier in Colorado Springs

Buy or lease – the question of the ages for businesses in Colorado Springs. There are advantages to both methods of purchase, and which one is right for you business depends on a few key factors. How much capital does your business have? Buying an enterprise copier requires a larger up-front investment, but will pay…

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Dealing With Slow PDF's

By Marketing Group / March 11, 2013 / Comments Off on Dealing With Slow PDF's

Do you have a copier and are finding that your pdf’s are suddenly printing a lot slower?  If so, you are not alone.  There are many people lately who are experiencing this issue. Some people blame the copier and some people blame their software.  One way to find out for sure which is the issue…

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Xerox Colorqube 8700

By Marketing Group / January 17, 2013 / Comments Off on Xerox Colorqube 8700

Vibrant colors help the Xerox Colorqube 8700 in Colorado Springs In the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, the Xerox name is alive and well. Around the city, the brand is recognized as a quality company that produces superior equipment. With the introduction of the Xerox Colorqube 8700, the company continues this tradition with style and…

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