Printer or Copier?

There is a never-ending debate for office managers about whether or not a printer or copier is the better machine for the office. Which one will ultimately save your company the most amount of money? Which one will allow the office to function most easily? Traditionally it has been thought that copiers are cheaper in the long run because they are usually cheaper to function per print. This second part is definitely true but it does ignore how much more expensive copiers are upfront. It also fails to see how much more expensive copiers can be to operate in terms of electrical usage and repairs and maintenance that they require. 

It is important that you take all of these things into consideration when you are making a decision between the two options. More than likely if you are a high volume office and you make a lot of prints or copies, it will be cheaper to just pay the extra up front and have the copier but if you are not such a high volume place then it might be better to go with the cheaper printer.

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