Multifunction Printers

Just like most businesses, your office probably uses a copier, scanner, printer and a fax machine. Most of the time, these are all separate machines but what if you could have a machine with all of these features for an affordable price? Many of the top brands are now manufacturing just that- they are called multifunction printers.  As an authorized Xerox dealer, we have access to several high quality multifunction printers and would love to talk with you about why this type of machine might be a good solution for your busy office.

There are many advantages to outfitting your office with a multifunction printer. One of these benefits is that these printers can save you floor space rather than having to find space for several different machines. Multifunction printers are a great addition to any size business, from a small home office to a large enterprise business. Having the capability to consolidate much of your work is an attractive option to almost any office worker.

An All in One MFP is a great choice for a home office, we also have Small Office/Home Office models and medium sized Office MFP’s as well as Production printing MFP’s-  perfect for large offices where production and speed of printing is most important. All of these options have different uses and features. Give us a call for more information about any of our multifunction printer options!