Should I lease or buy a Copy Machine?

As a business owner, you have a long list of decisions that you need to make. Not only do you have to have a solid business plan in place, strong employees and an excellent product, you have to decide how your business will be run and what equipment you will outfit your office with. No doubt about it, one of the most used pieces of equipment in an office environment besides computers is your copy machine. You have many options and there are a few things to ask yourself when asking yourself “should I lease or buy a copy machine?” 

We have been in the Colorado Springs market for years and want to earn your trust and be the professionals you look to when choosing leasing vs. buying. We will help you measure the pros and cons of either decision, as our goal is to provide the best service to our customers, not line our pockets with the most expensive sale.

When asking yourself “should I buy or lease a copy machine?” it is important that you make sure you know what your budget is. Copy machines can be high dollar investments! A lease has a flat monthly fee which can help you control your cash flow. A purchase will be a large, one time investment. If you are sure that you are ready to take a leap either way, give one of our professional leasing/sales specialists a call and we can walk you through either process!