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Tips For Buying Your Colorado Springs Xerox

Colorado Springs Xerox copiers have experienced a significant amount of technological advancements since its first plain paper copier that was introduced in 1959. Copiers today are a lot like computers. Modern copiers have combined features such as copying, faxing, scanning, and other network-abilities. When deciding what kind of copier your business needs, it is best…

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About Your Colorado Springs Xerox DMS

The DMS for your Colorado Springs Xerox, also known as Document Management Systems, is one of the most critical features that you will need to store, manage, and track your electronic documents and images. The images are captured via the scanner or copier and stored temporarily or permanently on your copier’s hard drive or other…

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Consider These Three Tips Before Leasing Your Colorado Springs Xerox

It is not uncommon for copier representatives to use any means necessary to increase their commission and recurring fees. They may employ tactics that give off an unreasonable amount of urgency such as implying things such as, “Overages are not something that you want are they?” They do this after offering you a claim that…

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Colorado Springs Xerox Cleaning Tips

Here is a scenario for you to consider: A company purchases a Colorado Springs Xerox copier, but the device was inoperable within 6 months. It died because of the how it was taken care of as well as the environment which it was placed. All laser based MFP copiers use pressure and heat to fuse…

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