Colorado Springs Xerox Cleaning Tips

Here is a scenario for you to consider:

A company purchases a Colorado Springs Xerox copier, but the device was inoperable within 6 months. It died because of the how it was taken care of as well as the environment which it was placed.

All laser based MFP copiers use pressure and heat to fuse toner to the paper. Therefore when the system is on, the device is always using moving parts to draw in air, heat, and cool the system.

While you might have a maintenance agreement or not, it is always a good idea to remain proactive when it comes to operating the device with care. Some maintenance agreements can become null and void if the environment is not up to standards.

Here are some tips to keep your device clean and run in a clean environment:

  1. Whenever the copier is not in use, keep it turned off and place a copier cover over the system. Your copier should have come with a cover when you purchased it, or when you do purchase it. If not, you should ask them if they have a copier cover.
  2. Purchase some silica gel bags. Placing them in the paper tray will help aid in keeping unwanted moisture out of the device.