About Your Colorado Springs Xerox DMS

The DMS for your Colorado Springs Xerox, also known as Document Management Systems, is one of the most critical features that you will need to store, manage, and track your electronic documents and images. The images are captured via the scanner or copier and stored temporarily or permanently on your copier’s hard drive or other type of storage media.

Your copier’s DMS can be used via software, and the software can be used to incorporate and capture your digital or paper content, organize your workflows, fine-tune your output systems, and manage your retrieval and document repositories. The processes used to control the tracked and stored documents can be featured as well.

The heralded DMS is revolutionary in how content management systems can work, and at the very least, most DMS technologies enable you to manage your content through capabilities such as:

  • Check out/Check in, coordination of simultaneous editing of the same digital content, locking.
  • Version control such as tracking the inputs and changes made from the original or prior version.
  • Roll backs when an accident or error in making changes, comparable to the “Undo” button.
  • Audits, such as reconstructing the events that occurred during the management of any document; the who, when, what, how, where, and possible the why the changes were made in a document.