Consider These Three Tips Before Leasing Your Colorado Springs Xerox

It is not uncommon for copier representatives to use any means necessary to increase their commission and recurring fees. They may employ tactics that give off an unreasonable amount of urgency such as implying things such as, “Overages are not something that you want are they?” They do this after offering you a claim that you can print up to a certain number of copies per month, and it is implied that you should pay for more than you will actually be using. Here are three things to incorporate when dealing with marketing tactics such as this:

  1. It is better to sign up for less prints that you anticipate. If you have an average number of copies, sign up for around 80% of that average. It is better to pay for prints that you use, rather than the latter.
  2. When a representative asserts, “You do not want to pay overage fees,” take it with a grain of salt.
  3. If you have an existing contract, compare it to the one which you are being presented. Always avoid signing up for extras that you probably do not need.