Tips For Buying Your Colorado Springs Xerox

Colorado Springs Xerox copiers have experienced a significant amount of technological advancements since its first plain paper copier that was introduced in 1959. Copiers today are a lot like computers. Modern copiers have combined features such as copying, faxing, scanning, and other network-abilities. When deciding what kind of copier your business needs, it is best to decide what features that you need first, and simplify what you are looking for in a copier.

Base your decision to buy a copier on your predetermined monthly volume, copy speed needs, color needs, and network requirements. Just because a copier has a lot of nice fancy features that are more than what you need does not mean that you should buy the copier. Typically it costs more to have the bells and whistles added on, and most of the time, you can purchase the copier without the bells and whistles adding extra costs.

The capacity of output per month should be calculated as well as the copier speeds. The copier speed would be measured in Copies Per Minute (CPM). Most businesses will do well with a 20-50 pages per minute rate, especially if a lot of single copies will be made by employees. The cost of the copier consumables will inevitably factor itself in the estimated costs per month expenses to operate the copier.