Dealing With Slow PDF's

Do you have a copier and are finding that your pdf’s are suddenly printing a lot slower?  If so, you are not alone.  There are many people lately who are experiencing this issue.

Some people blame the copier and some people blame their software.  One way to find out for sure which is the issue is to download a copy of FoxIt software, a free pdf viewing software package that is ironically, better at printing pdf’s right now that the Adobe software seems to be.  Once you try this, and if the copier is still slow, you may have print driver issues.  If you are using the same computers and same software programs, you may not actually be having a software issue at all, but a hardware issue.  95% of the people we have seen with this issue, it is software related.

We know it is frustrating, hang in there, your Colorado Springs copier should be back to normal soon.