A Deal that Will be Music to Your Ears!

This Deal Should be Music to Your Ears!

When you are looking for a copier there are a few things you will be looking at in order to determine whether or not you got a good deal.  There are always the obvious ones of price and the speed of the unit itself.  What we have for you are some great deals on used copiers.

The first used copier is just barely over a year old and sold for over $7,000 brand new in January of last year.  So, it’s just a year old or so and it is in amazing shape.  There wasn’t much use put on the machine and there were no service calls on the device either.  It is a Kyocera 3060 copier or a Copystar 3060 copier.

If you are needing a great deal on a used copier, but don’t want a 5 year old device and still want a great deal, give us a call on this copier!