A3 or A4 – What's Best for You?

Why an A4 Printer Might be a Better Choice for your Business

When shopping for a new Printer/Copier, many businesses are convinced by sales reps that they need to purchase or lease an A3, or 11×17 capable model. Sales reps do this because the leasing fees for A3 models are greater. Here are some reasons that an A4 printer is normally sufficient for your business needs.

1. A3 Printers are bulkier and take up more space than A4 models do.
2. A4 Printers handle both legal and letter sizes, and so meet most business needs.
3. A4 Printers are faster in terms of pages per minute of output.
4. A4 models cost less than do A3 models.

When shopping for your next copier/printer in Colorado Springs, keep these things in mind. Unless your business has a genuine need for tabloid-size printing, consider the cost savings offered by choosing an A4.

Copier dealers in Colorado Springs, Colorado will be happy to assist you in making the selection that would best fit your company’s needs. When requesting a quote, remember the benefits of choosing an A4 printer over an A3 model, and select what’s best for you.