Adding Security to your Copier

At Colorado Springs Copier we are committed to pointing out areas you are spending more money than you should on your copier lease. Most add-ons can be considered nonessential to your business and may end up costing you hundreds. However, there is one thing we do not recommend skipping when trying to save—adding security to your copier.

Network security cannot protect your copier from a security breach. Adding security to your copier is the only way to truly protect your information from the prying hands of hackers.

Most newer and more advanced copiers come with a hard drive installed into the copier. This hard drive helps with a variety of functions on your copier, including saving an image of every copy made on that particular copier.

This means that all the personal and business information that has been sent through that copier could be available for anyone that gets their way into your hard drive.

Adding a security kit to your copier can protect your information and the valuable information of your clients. A security kit will allow your copier to erase every image on your hard drive immediately after you make a copy. This makes sure that anyone who may make their way in will not be able to access the private information they so desperately want.

If you simply rely on network security you want still be at risk of someone invading your copiers hard drive. Spending a few hundred on a security kit now could save you thousands of dollars and hours of hassle if your security is ever compromised.

To learn more about security kits and how adding security to your copier could help protect your business, please contact us at Colorado Springs Copier before it’s too late!