Additional Paper Trays

Let’s say that you have your own business, and you are in the middle of your first copier lease. The average copier lease is around 5 years long. Now, there are a lot of times where a business experiences a lot of growth during the time that they have their copier. What once met all their needs now has become too small for the greater demands of your business. When you run into a situation like this its important to consider if you need an upgrade, or if you just need to add additional paper trays.

Adding additional paper trays can solve a lot of the problems you may be experiencing after having a lot of growth. Growth is a good problem to have, and adding additional paper trays can be a solution to your problem.

Paper trays give you the ability to expand your carrying capacity as well as make you more organized. Adding paper trays can expand your carrying capacity from your normal paper trays ability, to being able to carry 5,000 sheets or more!

You can also add trays to help you organize your paper for different jobs. For example, you could get an additional tray to help you sort out different paper styles based on color or weight. You could also use them to separate media sizes, so you can more effortlessly change jobs.

What you want to do when getting additional paper trays is think about how much paper you use each day. Take your monthly usage and divide that number by 20. That will give you your daily average use. Then, take that number and multiply it by 1.5x. Finally, round up to the nearest 500. This will give you the carrying capacity you want in your office. This way you will not have to replace paper every day, but you also won’t be paying for unnecessarily large amount of carrying capacity.