Altalink C8030 Multiuse Printer

Welcome to the first edition of the Altalink C8000 Series! You are in luck with this new and easy to use printer. This printer has many features that will prove to be a great addition to the workplace!

Conveniently, the Altalink C8030 has new and high-tech connectivity. This allows the printer in your workplace to easily be managed from one device! With the Altalink C8030, you are able to connect to the cloud right from your cell phone. This means that you do not have to walk right up to the printer to get the job done–let your employees work from wherever they want! Included in this new technology features is a simple and easy to use interface. It looks like a tablet or large mobile phone, so it is not unfamiliar; but, it makes the printer more modern! Because of this interface, the Altalink C8030 has a variety of convenient apps that can increase productivity in the workplace by making printing tasks more streamline. If everything else is getting technological makeovers, why shouldn’t printers? This interface is touch screen, but conveniently, the Altalink C8030 also has an optional keyboard that can be used.

We love the Atalink C8030 and so will you!