Are Copier Costs Squeezing Your Budget?

Are Copiers in The Springs Squeezing You?

Copier costs can get out of hand depending on your copier model or copier contract in Colorado Springs.   Most people tend to spend a lot more than they should because they purchased without enough information.   I can’t tell you how many people have overbought or overpaid on their copier contract because they only looked at one number: the number their copier sales rep showed them.

The number was probably “all inclusive” with “no overages” and “all maintenance included.”   This is a very easy number to understand, but it is filled with margin.   Unless your copier rep is a member of your church, office or business in Colorado Springs, you most likely were squeezed out of your hard earned money.

When a plan is sold with “no overages,” it really means is the quote has up to three times more copies than you really make every month.   If your average volume is 10,000 monochrome copies, your plan really has 15,000 to 25,000 worth of copier toner figured into your quote.   This is why, we at Colorado Springs Copier recommend overages right around your average monthly print volume: Especially for churches and non-profit organizations.   With giving down this year, non-profit groups are struggling to make their monthly bills.   Having a over priced copier contract they’re committed to makes budgeting even more difficult.

Another part of the plan that can cost you a lot of money is the “maintenance included” option.   Maintenance is not generally that expensive, but if it’s “included” in your one number copier lease, you’re most likely overpaying.

My advice to the church administrator, non-profit director, and office manager is this: ask for a detailed quote from every copier sales group in Colorado Springs.   If your copier rep is hesitant about writing a detailed price quote, you should absolutely look for another one.   By buying smart, you’ll ease the squeeze on your budget and know you’re being wise with your finances.   Give us a call for (a detailed!) quote on your copier contract or copier sales question here in Colorado Springs.