Are You Dancing With Disaster on Your Next Copier Purchase?

Dancing with Disaster isn't Necessary

Yuck, it’s time to start getting copier quotes.  You know that you’ll make 3 calls and get what will feel like 300 calls back.  How can you determine who is a good partner to work with and who is not when it comes to your next copier in Colorado Springs?  Here are some simple steps to follow if you are buying a copier in Colorado Springs soon.

  1. Work with a company who has internal support to help you deal with technical issues that come up, or at the very least a good system in place to address mechanical issues.  Ask questions here.  What’s the minimum response time?  Do you use your own technicians? Why or why not?  Make sure you feel comfortable with the answers your rep provides you about copier purchases in Colorado Springs
  2. Work with a company that carries a brand you trust. I know, this seems self explanatory.  If you are not comfortable with a brand, don’t buy the device.  Any time you have trouble with your copier in Colorado Springs, you’ll kick yourself.
  3. Ask your rep questions.  Ask him/her about scanning, about coverage about mtbf (mean time between failure)… Make sure your rep knows what they are talking about.
  4. Compare pricing.  Make sure that you get a few quotes.  I would stroongly reccommend that you allow the rep to quote what they feel is best for your needs.  You will be shocked at how wide of a spread you’ll get on your copier quote in Colorado Springs.  One company will quote $6,000 for a copier, another will be $2,000 and a 3rd will be $12,000.  When you see ranges like this, having asked a lot of questions will help you determine who is just trying to make a sale and who is trying to make a customer happy.

Please call us for a quote on a copier in Colorado Springs!