Avoid the Sly Sales Rep…

One Common Complaint – Contracts

If your Colorado Springs office is in need of toner for your copier? If so, make sure that you only order toner from an approved vendor. Any vendor you purchase from should be cleared and approved by management. This is an especially important rule to follow when your regular purchaser isn’t available.


Because telemarketers will typically call a business under the guise of collecting information. Then they will inquire about your company’s copy machine. Then, the telemarketer will call back a couple weeks later and tell the admin that the person in charge of purchasing office supplies requested some toner to sample. The admin may believe the telemarketer and pay for the shipment.

What happens next is the most insidious part. The telemarketer overcharges your company and you take the loss because the amount of time it would take to sort it all out wouldn’t be worth it. If you want to avoid this type of problem in your Colorado
Springs office, do the following:

• Only buy from an approved vendor
• Don’t let anyone buy from a telemarketer unless they verify the company they are calling from
• Designate certain employees to be in charge of purchasing copier supplies

If you follow the tips outlined in this article, you will avoid paying for something your company did not intend to order.