Buying a Copier in Colorado Springs

Businesses in Colorado Springs, just like businesses throughout the whole of the world, value their privacy. In fact, when they work with other people or with other firms, they will often have them sign confidentiality agreements as a way of making sure that their private information does not get into the hands of those who should not have it.

Often times, when businesses take steps to protect their sensitive information, they do things like backing up their computers and adding encryption to their computers. However, something that is often overlooked is the hard drive that is on the copier.

Any copier with a hard drive should have a security kit installed and running. It is likely that images from prints and copies that have been made are seen on the hard drive and are easily accessible to anyone who gets their hands on the hard drive. This information can include very sensitive things such as customer records, client’s Social Security numbers and account numbers. The absolute last thing that any business owner is going to want to do is to have to call all of their clients and let them know that their private data might be compromised. How much better it is to spend the $300-$400 on a security kit that will delete the hard drive after every copy.