Calculating the Lease Amount

When it comes to the pricing on your next lease, understand that there will be no magic bullet determining this. Instead, you should know all the variables, and your leasing company will include the necessary options as part of owning your next copier. As a general rule of thumb, leases will cost an average of $25 per month for every $1000 of your five-year leasing term. That means that if you have a $12,000 copier, it will cost an average of $300 every month. This gives you a rough estimate over something that will be written in stone.

The shorter your leasing term, however, the higher your monthly payments will be. What has made leasing a popular choice is that it lets startups and other businesses hang onto their business capital. You will find a lease for as little as $100 per month, but it can go as high as $600. This does not count those production level machines that were intended to handle the heaviest workloads at lightning speeds.

In addition to looking at the leasing term, you also have to look at the service contract. Most of the time, service contracts will be separate from the lease, but the advantage is that your copier will be serviced for the entire length of the contract. That means that you never have to send it in for repairs. Service contracts are more intended for peace of mind, but keep in mind that they will not cover the cost of electricity or paper. Understanding what your lease covers helps you to maximize the value of it.