Compatibles and Color Copiers: Do They Save You Money?

Doing What's Best for Your Colorado Springs Color Copier

Given the economy, most people in Colorado Springs are looking for every little way to get the most out of their budget.   Perhaps you’re one of those people, and if so, this post is for you.   Compatibles and remanufactured cartridges (if they’re warrantied and from a reputable manufacturer) can be a great way to save cash on your color printing.  Manufacturers don’t want people doing this, and so they (sometimes correctly, but generally incorrectly) tell you using anything other than OEM products will most likely ruin your color printer…NOT true!

However, when it comes to color copiers, the story is much different.   I’m generally for whatever is the least expensive and still produces results…which is why I generally recommend compatibles for color printers.   However, copiers are much more precise technology, and if you’ve ever watched an old color copier’s prints go downhill fast, you know what I’m talking about.   Given their expense, more fragile working parts, and the already fairly low price of OEM consumables, using a compatible ink or toner in a color copier just isn’t worth it.

It’s a little like putting a new bio-fuel in a Lamborghini–it may work just fine, but given the expense and demanding nature of the machine, I’d feel a lot more comfortable putting it in a simple, sturdy Corolla.   Feel free to give me a call for a quote on your new color printer or color copier in Colorado Springs.