Color Copies at $.05 per Copy? Yes… Depending…

Xerox Phaser 8860MFP in Colorado Springs

Have you been looking to get high quality color prints, but don’t want to break the bank buying a machine to do color flyers or marketing materials for your company?  Are you going to a print shop and paying $.29 per color flyer or more?  Maybe it is time to consider the Xerox Phaser 8860MFP in Colorado Springs!

If you go to a print shop and get your color copies for $.29 each and wondered if you could afford your own copier so you can be more efficient in your work, here is a quick breakdown.  Assuming you have decent volume, we’ll assume 500 color prints a month, you could look at it this way…  $.065 is about where you will start, and then you can get down to $.05 if your volume is high in color.  We’ll take $.065 to start with.

You are paying $.29 now, you would be paying $.065 for a differential of $.225 per copy.  The copier itself runs approximately $4,000 — So if you work this out over 3 years you would be at breakeven with just 493 color prints per month.  If you are doing 1,000 color prints — Paying $290 per month.    You could be paying $65 for the prints and $111 for the copier on average ($4,000/36) for a total per month cost of $176/month instead of $290.00

So, if you need a color copier in Colorado Springs, please give us a call!  We can help work out these sorts of numbers with you until you are comfortable that indeed, you are doing the best thing for your company.  If the numbers don’t support new equipment, we will also show you this.  It is not always smart to buy a new copier in Colorado Springs!