Color or Black and White?

If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, you may find yourself trying to decide whether a printer or a copier is the most cost effective choice for your. Many Colorado Springs copier retailers will tell you that a color copier is cheaper than a laser printer, but their information could be misleading. When calculating the total cost of ownership for your copier or printer of choice, make sure to do your math homework and look at all of the costs associated with ownership, rather than just cost per print.

While it is true that printers can often offer a cheaper price per print than a color copier, there are other factors that could affect your complete cost. When making your decision, you should always consider costs for maintenance, supplies, repairs, and the initial cost of the machine. In addition to delivering a reasonable price, your ideal copier or printer should also provide all the features and functions that you need to get the job done. Sometimes adding a little bit to the price tag of your new machine is well worth an additional added feature or desired function.