Colorado Springs Copier Leasing

If you’re considering leasing a copier in Colorado Springs, here’s some information to help you understand a little more about this method of obtaining and using copier equipment. Other ways people pay for a copier include by cash and by rental. The reason a lot of companies like to lease is because they know that a lease provides extra benefits, such as toner and machine maintenance, for a set monthly fee. The majority of people are not aware that those same benefits can also be obtained through the other methods.

To get the extras without a lease, you simply purchase the machine and a supplies and service contract. These usually run somewhere around twelve cents for a black and white copy print. This is if there’s a decent volume, close to 10,000 pages monthly.

Deciding whether to purchase or lease a copier in Colorado Springs should be discussed with the company controller. This will shed light on the pros and cons of the method chosen, taking into account items like cost of operation. Regardless of a company’s chosen route, service and supplies can be obtained with copiers in Colorado Springs.