Colorado Springs Copier: Who We Are

This is my sales blog on copiers, color copiers, and MFP devices for the Colorado Springs Area.   My goal is to provide you with quality, useful information.   I figure if I shoot straight and give you useful advice and insider tips, you’re probably going to call me first for good advice and a quote on your next copier.   The information here is to the best of my knowledge, and as an industry veteran, I think you should pick up some useful tips.   Like car sales, there’s a lot of margin in the imaging business, and with that margin, a lot of people end up over-paying and getting burned because someone wanted to make a quick sale.

My goal is to get and keep your business through honest advice about your copier and printing needs.   I want you to be around in 5 years because I plan to be.   The tips I’m giving you will ultimately help you do a couple of things.   First, they’ll help you find the best copier or MFP for you.   Second, they will help you recognize plans that are over-priced or less than straight forward in your copier rep’s sales pitch.   I hope you enjoy the information, and I look forward to working with you in the future.   Give me a call for a quote or advice–for either one, you’ll get my best.