Common Customer Complaints Regarding Copiers

One Common Complaint - Contracts

One of the most common copier buying complaints deal with copier contracts.  They can be confusing and unclear.  We understand your frustrations after having recently just gone over our cell phone plans.  The little things always seem to be key.  The copier you buy in Colorado Springs is no different!

When looking at a copier contract, here are some things to look for to ensure you get the best deal you can get!

  • Is there an early termination fee?  The higher it is, the worse it is.
  • Can a contract be canceled early?  (For example, the copier always breaks…)
  • Is there an up charge if you use a lot of color?  (For example if you exceed 20% coverage)
  • Is a tabloid print one or two clicks?
  • What is the lease rate?

If you pay attention to these details, your copier purchase in Colorado Springs is likely to go a lot better for you!