Considering Managed Print Services

Getting a good deal on a copier lease can be a struggle. It can be a tough journey to find the perfect machine to fit your price range. Once you have your copier you shouldn’t have to monitor it all the time just to save money. Luckily, managed print services are a great option to keep your copier costs as low as they can be.

With managed print services you can monitor everything that goes on with your copier. You can save money on things that you had never thought of monitoring. Managed print services will show you exact areas of waste that can save your business money.

A good managed print services company will:

  • Monitor who is printing and when they are doing it
  • Notice patterns in printing habits and see who prints the most
  • Monitor toner usage and find what color is being used for the most
  • Discover patterns of waste and help you negate them
  • Help you transition some services to paper-free alternatives
  • Help you stay stocked up on all your ink and paper before you run out

It can be difficult to monitor all of this on your own when you have more important jobs to do. You can relax knowing that you have total control over your copier and that you are saving money in ways you never could have found on your own.

Managed print services help take the stress out of having a copier in your office. If you would like to know more about managed print services then call us today at Colorado Springs Copier.