Copier Buying Hazards — Mistakes to Avoid

Beware of These Copier Buying Hazards

Are you looking at buying a copier in Colorado Springs and you want to learn some common mistakes to avoid?  If you do, this is where we can help you out.  Before you know what to do, you need to know what not to do.  Here are some basics you can take before you run off and spend a ton on your next copier.

  • Don’t just buy the first copier you see in Colorado Springs
  • Be willing to look at your own environment, from questions like “How much do I actually print or copy” to questions like, “does my work flow or proposed workflow make sense?”
  • Do I need tabloid capable copying?
  • Do I need fax?
  • Do I need a new copier or would a used copier work?
  • Do I need color or black and white only

If you just buy the first thing you see withour looking at all of the details, you may spend an extra $15,000.00  or more on your next copier purchase in Colorado Springs.