Copier Leasing in Colorado Springs

kyocera-copierIf you are looking to lease a copier in Colorado Springs, we are here for you.  We work with businesses in the area to help provide low cost and highly reliable copier machines our clients can count on for years to come.  When leasing a copier with us, one of the great benefits is while you are on a service plan, you are protected by the total satisfaction guarantee.

The total satisfaction guarantee is a program from Xerox which ensures you are not stuck with a lemon.  One of the fears we hear from clients who switch to us from a past supplier they had troubles with is – what happens if this copier is constantly breaking like our last copier with the other company?  The answer for us is simple.  If the copier is broken, Xerox fixes it…  if it keeps breaking and breaking and breaking – then they start it in the Total Satisfaction swapout program.  It is up to Xerox how many times, but their goal is not to send out a tech over and over and over, that’s more expensive than just doing the right thing.

We love working with Xerox to help you get a solid copier lease in Colorado Springs.  Please give us a call!