Copier Maintenance Tips

Tips for easy copier maintenance

Every person that uses a copier needs to help keep it maintained. Service contracts cost money and repair costs can be outrageous. With a little bit of training, every person that uses your copier can help keep it maintained. Here are few ideas on how to do this.

The right way to load paper

Putting paper in the tray isn’t rocket science, yet many people don’t take the time to do this correctly. Every load tray has fill line. Make sure each person understands that paper can’t go above this line. The paper shouldn’t be just tossed in the tray. Make sure the paper is even and squared off, so it will feed into the machine properly.

Run copies in batches

A project may need over a thousand copies of one paper but it shouldn’t be copied at one time. Split large copying projects in to smaller batches of about fifty each. This will help reduce the heat from the copier and keep it working for a longer period of time.

Remove all paper when jammed

When a paper jam occurs, immediately stop the copier and remove the paper. If the paper tears, get a small tool to remove the remnants. This will help keep the copier free of debris working as expected.