Copier Systems in Colorado Springs

ColorQube Sales of Colorado Springs

Looking for a great color copier? If so, you may want to consider the Xerox ColorQube series. These copiers start at $20,000 (less than $500 a month with a copier lease), and you receive the benefits of color at a cheaper price than your traditional copiers. When it comes to billing, there’s a three-tier system where you are charged less than $.03 when it has been calculated as useful. If you print a small photo or logo, you will pay for copies that are closer to your traditional black-and-white copier.

Nevertheless, you should not let the low cost per print fool you. If you do not have a higher print volume to support the cost of this copier, you will be better off with a different product. To decide, take the cost per print and divide it by the copier equipment costs. You can do this to determine when you will break even.

For example, the Colorqube 9202 costs $23,000 while another copier may cost $8,500. If the cost per print is $.034 with 80 percent coverage, and the other copier is $.065, you will need 467,741 color prints (7,795 a month) before you will break even. Do you print 3,500 color copies or less per month? We can help you to find a better option. For further information, call now!