Copiers or Laser Printers?

Businesses in Colorado Springs who are considering buying a new copier often encounter the belief that copiers are cheaper than laser printers. The idea that copiers are cheaper is based on a calculation that only considers the cost per page. The cost of printing out 150 copies of the document on the printer is compared to the cost of printing out on the large copier. When this kind of crude per page calculation is done, yes, copiers usually come out cheaper than laser printers, particularly if inefficient laser printers are used in the comparison.

However, businesses in Colorado Springs considering buying a copier should consider all aspects of costs before making their decision. The cost of purchasing a new copier versus purchasing a new laser printer needs to be considered. The cost of the maintenance, power, ink and paper should be taken into account by businesses in Colorado Springs. A copier that produces pages at one-tenth the cost per page of a laser printer may end up costing more to purchase and run than the laser printer when all factors are taken into account.