Data Security on Your Copier

Copier security in Colorado Springs

With the rapid rise of digital technology, all copiers now come equipped with a hard drive. This device keeps a digital impression of everything document that is copied or printed on the machine. This can be a high security risk for any business. There are a few steps to take when securing this hard drive.

Can the copier be accessed over the internet?

If the answer is yes, this function should be turned off. That is unless there is a business purpose for internet access. Sensitive information should never be made available over the internet.

Is the hard drive in the copier new?

A new hard drive shouldn’t pose any issues. A used one might. Decide if you want to subject your business to any data that might still be on the drive itself.

End of lease use

How will the hard drive be handled when the lease is up? A business can employ a few different strategies during this situation. The hard drive can stay at the physical location of the business when the copier is removed. The hard drive can be destroyed; making sure all documents on it can never be accessed again. Alternatively, the leasing business can use a preapproved method to scrub the hard drive clean. These are all valid options to consider.

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