Don't Get Snowed by Your Current Colorado Springs Copier Vendor!

It May be Snowing, but Don't Get Snowed

Snow is falling in the area and it is a fun time of year.  The Holidays are right around the corner and people are trying not to spend as much time at work.  This post is to help make sure that your lack of time does not wind up killing your bottom line as you are unable to really look over all the revenue coming in and the costs going out.  So, what can you do about your printer and copier fleet?

  1. Check your bills to make sure the billed amount and the printed amount match.  We have seen a lot of companies cut staff so that this is now overlooked.
  2. Check and make sure you have their best pricing at all times.  Feel free to ask the hard questions!  Make sure they are always being competitive with printers and copiers in Colorado Springs
  3. Look for other value.  Can they provide software to maximize efficiencies?  Can they take more work on without an additional cost.

Copiers are not sexy, but they cost a lot of money!