Don't "Just Trust" Your Colorado Springs Copier Rep!

Trust the Facts, not the Smile of your Copier Rep!

Your Colorado Springs copier rep might be a trustworthy person who is willing to take a smaller commission and sell you the copier that is right for your business rather than encouraging you to choose a more expensive model, but when it comes to a decision between your pocket and theirs, most copier reps are going to be tempted by the idea of making a little extra for themselves. Trusting your copy rep could leave you paying more than you should and getting a new copier that does not suit your needs.

Anyone who sells on commission, including reps for copiers in Colorado Springs, is driven to sell as much as they can, for as much as they can get, because that is how they increase their own earnings.

Don’t just trust what one person says when you know that it is in their interest to make you spend as much as possible in their store. Visit a number of Colorado Springs copier stores, or better yet, have them meet you at your office…  and ask for advice from different sales reps. Ask questions, and use your own judgment rather than relying on sales reps to give you the best deals on copiers in Colorado Springs.