Don't Miss the Bus With Your Copier Lease Return!

Missing the Bus is Expensive!

Today I come as the bearer of bad news. I am here to remind you to do something that your copier rep in Colorado Springs never seems to want to remind you about.  You have a lease?  If you do, pay attention!  There is always lingo buried in that lovely fineprint which talks about things like”auto-renewals” and such.  There are provisions like “This contract will auto renew on a quarterly basis if we do not receive written communciation from you that you intend to cancel the contract at the end of the lease term.” Practically, what does this mean for you and I?

Here it is in a nutshell.  If you forget to send a letter over three months before the contract ends, you get to pay the current rate (no break) for at least 3 more months…  and what if you wait a few months before sending that letter?  The 90 day provision still applies.  If you are sloppy, you could end up paying for 6 extra months on a copier contract.  The timeframe to write in is called the bus.  When you miss the bus, you pay for it!