Ending your Copier Lease

When you are thinking about signing a lease there is something you should consider. Many people don’t pay close enough attention to the details of everything that they are agreeing to. Most people look closely at the beginning of the lease and rules they must follow for the coming years. However, what most people do pay attention to is how to end your copier lease.

Most people think that ending a copier lease will be very straightforward. While the process can be easy if you follow your directions, it can also be an expensive pain if you are not careful. 

There are some certain things you need to pay attention to when ending a lease. Looking closely at these factors early on can save you a lot of money later.

  • Does your lease have automatic rollover?
  • Who is responsible for shipping the copier?
  • What are the specifications for packing?

You first need to find out if your lease has automatic rollover. This allows your leasing company to continue your lease unless otherwise specified.  You may need to send a written letter to your company in order to terminate your lease without consequence.

From there you need to find out who is responsible for shipping the copier. Don’t assume that your leasing company will just send someone out to pick it up. It is often the responsibility of the person who leased the copier to send it back. Look into this early so you can find a good rate.

Finally, note any packaging specifications. What needs to be packaged separately and how does it need to be done? Follow these rules to avoid fines.