Finding Value in your Copier Lease

Your office copier lease doesn’t just have to be something that you throw money at every month. Some people only see their office copier as a necessary expense that doesn’t have much value beyond just that. However, this is shortsighted when thinking about your office copier. You are actually getting so much more from your office copier lease beyond just having the machine in your office.

Look through your lease closely and see what you are paying for. You will find that it’s not just the machine itself that you are paying for. There may be a number of services that are built into your lease that you are not taking advantage of. If you look at these services then you might start to see that you have more lease than you realised.

Some of the things that you have access to through your lease may be:

  • Continued maintenance from their maintenance provider
  • Access to additional security processes
  • Access to cheaper consumables through your leasing company
  • Upgrades to your machine
  • Troubleshooting when things go wrong
  • Managed Print services
  • Document management

Things like these can go way beyond just helping you just have a working copier. Some of these services can ensure your machine’s health, keep your costs low, or help you in ways that you never imagined. Just being on a lease with a company makes them want to help you so that you stay with them later.

If you have a copier lease then you should be getting your full value. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your copier lease.