Green Ideas for Your Colorado Springs Copier

Green Copier Ideas

Being green is something almost everyone is open to these days.   However, people usually equate being green with being expensive.   If you buy green laundry detergent, it usually costs more…people think (wrongly) that’s probably how it is when it comes to office equipment.

Copiers are not green.   They’re made of plastic, use petroleum based toner, and print on cut-down trees.   If someone says they have a green copier, they really mean “green in comparison.”   So, if you’re looking for ways to make your copier, color copier, or MFP in Colorado Springs greener, here are a few tips that will also save you money:

1. Duplex when possible.   This uses less paper, and saves you money.

2. Have businesses send pdf. files to your e-mail instead of faxing to your MFP.

3. Do your copies in batches if possible.   The warm up on a copier uses almost as much energy as when it’s copying.   You’ll save your energy bill, and it will help your copier or MFP last longer (which is greener!).

4. Use your main copier/MFP instead of printing with smaller injet desktop printers.   Small inket printers are extremely expensive to print with due to the cost of inkjet cartridges.   They use much more petroleum per print than the large MFPs due to their small cartridge size.   If you recycle your inkjet printers and just use your MFP, you’ll end up being greener AND saving a staggering amount of money per month!

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