Happy New Year! Time for a New Copier?

It is now 2011, and many companies are putting together their strategies for purchasing and their general business plans for 2011.  How does the office copier fit into this equation for your company?  Most people don’t really pay attention to how much the standard office copier costs a company.  The average we see is that each copier averages about $15,000 if you take the equipment plus the maintenance, etc.  Most of these companies could have purchased a copier in Colorado Springs that cost closer to $10,000 if they would have avoided a few simple mistakes.

So, what can your company do to ensure that you’re not overpaying for your next copier?

  • Make sure to only buy the features you need
  • Don’t lease if you have the cash on hand to buy
  • Get color if you are using color inkjets in the office (and then get rid of the inkjets) and avoid color if you actually don’t need color.

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