How to Maximize Prints in Your Copier

Every small business should have the same goal of saving money. The more funds you can put back into your business is better. An easy way to contribute to saving money is by saving on copying and printing costs. A lot of people spend way too much on copying in the beginning. The way to do that is to save on print costs and get more out of your copier in Colorado Springs.

Copy leasing companies make money by convincing you to buy prints that you do not need. They make their money by using this technique, so they will sell it hard. Unused prints are lost, they do not roll over for the next month. So if you do not use them all then the company makes more money off of you. There is usually a discount offered to buy more, but it’s not usually worth the extra charge if you’re not using it.

A lot of the time you are spending hundreds more every month that you’ll never use. If you know how much you are using, you should only purchase that much, no matter the discount. This will actually save your company money. A great way to do this is to calculate your busiest month and buy eighty percent of that for all months. You can always buy more if you need it, but you can’t get any back if you purchase too much.