How to Return a Copier

Most people think that returning a copier is going to be a very straightforward, and obvious process. The reality is that the process isn’t especially difficult, but many people do not know what they are actually responsible for. This can lead to a bunch of charges or problems that you never anticipated. We want to help you know how to return a copier without making the usual mistakes.

There are numerous things to remember, but we have a few things that we think to be the most important.


  • Check for automatic Rollover. Automatic rollover will give your copier leasing company the ability to continue your lease even after the date that you signed for. All you have to do is make sure that you confirm your cancellation before a certain date (usually around 90 days before the lease ends). Make sure that you check for this or you could end up with much more time on your lease than you expected.
  • Figure out copier shipping. Don’t just assume that your copier leasing company is going to pick your machine up for you. That’s usually not how this works. You will generally be responsible for figuring out shipping and it’s best to figure it out early. You will be able to find a better deal if you look earlier in the year.
  • Understand packing rules. This is an easy one, but it can also be easy to forget. Make sure you package everything correctly in order to not get charged. This could be as easy as putting your extra toner in a plastic bag. Don’t forget this.


One you do all of this and return your copier make sure to call your copier leasing company to confirm everything. Double check that there aren’t any charges that you are responsible for, and that the machine arrived correctly.