If You're A Small Buisness and Your Copier Lease is Coming Up, This is Something To Consider…

Is it time for a new copier?

If you’re a small business, church, or home office who’s copier lease has just come up, there are a couple copier options you may want to look at.   First, a tougher economy has meant that a lot of Colorado Springs business owners have been scaling back office operations.   If your copier contract in Colorado Springs is coming up, no doubt your copier rep has been swinging by more often and taking you out to lunch.   This is just what we in the copier industry do…we want your business.

However, being in sales, we want to make a profit…even if it’s not the best thing for you the consumer.   So, at the risk of exposing too much of the biz, here’s a different option that could actually save you a lot of money.   Buy a copier or multi-function device.   Copier sales in Colorado Springs are not as profitable as long-term leases on large copiers.   The reality is most small businesses have way more in a copier than they really need.   A lot of the smaller Lexmarks and Xerox MFDs can EASILY handle the monthly volumes of Colorado Springs’ small businesses.   Since most business owners are already used to the idea of a 4 year lease with a large copier, it’s very tempting to sell it because it’s so much more profitable for us.   However, if your print volumes have lowered recently (and they’re less than 10,000 pages per month), your total cost of ownership would be much less if you consider a copier sales in Colorado Springs plan instead of a lease.   Give me a call for quote or spread sheet comparison of your long-term pricing options for a copier in Colorado Springs.