Inkjet vs Laser Copiers in Colorado Springs

Inkjet vs. Laser: Who Wins?

Let’s say you are looking at a new copier, and your uncle Bob tells you that a laser printer cannot be beat, but you have a friend who will fight to the death defending the use of inkjets. Who do you believe? First, laser toner cartridges have been filled with a fine powder and a heated fuser that allows them to create an image on paper. With an inkjet printer, it uses liquid ink that sprays it onto your paper with the use of tiny nozzles. Each will have strengths and weaknesses.

In terms of printing, laser printers will perform better than inkjet printers when they produce small images and fonts. The fusing technology works better for smaller text, dots and lines. In addition, a laser print can print at faster speeds, and they can keep up with a higher print volume than an inkjet.

When you first start printing with an inkjet, it will print in color for a smaller upfront cost, but it will also print at a slower speed. An entry-level laser printer and an inkjet have similar upfront costs. Where does the difference lie? With an inkjet printer, you will produce in color, whereas your basic laser printer can only print in black-and-white. However, lasers will normally be cheaper when it comes to ongoing costs, but inkjets have recently begun to change in this