Is Your Copier Budget Hitting the Mark?

Are You Hitting Your Colorado Springs Copier Budget Goals?

There are a lot of things that go into making your copier budget work…especially in this economy.   It takes discipline, analysis, and occasionally some tough decisions.   It’s difficult for me to watch businesses and non-profits let people go while at the same time throwing away money through ignorant copier (and color copier) management.

For instance, earlier this summer I worked up a copier and color printer quote for a real estate office using their current monthly printing volumes.   They had three offices, quite a few employees, and moderate (for their size) print volumes.   It took me about three hours to work up the comparison quote on a spreadsheet (mostly because I kept thinking there must be a mathematical error!).   The office manager let me know she was expecting a VERY competitive quote because cost was their most important factor….”makes sense” I thought, so, like normal, I gave her a detailed quote for $73,000 LESS (over 36 months) than their current plan!!

She saw the number, looked at the machines, and told me it just wouldn’t work…given their print volume I needed to have bigger copiers.   I asked her if the print volumes on the quote were correct, “yes, but we do a lot of printing.”   WHAT THE HECK??   I know how much printing you do–it’s what I selected your copiers based on!

What had happened, is they had been MASSIVELY oversold on their last lease, and she was expecting to get the same sort of quote.   When I offered to save them money, she didn’t believe it could be that much, and is probably going to stay with the same company that is screwing them out of a lot of cash!

Normally office managers are a little brighter, but it goes to show you how much you can overspend on your copier budget if you don’t shop around.   If you’re considering laying off employees or even shutting down a branch, look at your copier budget in Colorado Springs–you may be able to make up the difference just by managing your print budget in an intelligent manner.   Give me a call for a quote on your copier lease (feel free to compare copiers and MFPs) or a large-scale print analysis of your business.   Looking forward to talking with you.