Laser Printers or Copiers in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs: Copier or Printer

Many businesses in Colorado Springs do not want to spend time and energy just to purchase basic office equipment. To get the right machine, you have to know a little bit about each model. Our clients frequently ask us to clarify the difference between color laser printers and color copiers.

For example, the Xerox Phaser 7500 is a color laser printer. This is a good deal for some businesses, but it might not be appropriate for printing full color copies at a high monthly volume. The disadvantage of this printer is that the unit only allows you to get partial coverage on the page. To get full color, you might find yourself paying up to three times the anticipated cost!

Compare this to the Xerox WorkCenter 7525, which has a relatively low per-print cost. This is a copier in Colorado Springs that will print full pages of color without driving your costs through the roof. This could be the perfect solution for businesses that do a lot of color print marketing, brochures or special events.

The irony is the machines use the same engines, the cost per print varies from the manufacturer due to available plans on each unit.  We help you make sense of the differences!